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Social Media Campaign (#ViridCascadia)

Within our numbers are members of Project Isthmus, active collaborators on Investigate Ingress, and several local community moderators. With our cohesive brand created for Magnus Reawakens, our agents will use their social currency to spread interest and information about this event.

Project updates will appear here on and on our G+ and Facebook account, here:

ViridCascadia on G+
ViridCascadia on Facebook

Via social media, we are inviting the entire Ingress community to collaborate in our investigations.

While space is limited on the event site, we offer all Agents the opportunity to solve puzzles and collaborate with our research. Portal workshops will have webcams to record and broadcast the team build progress.

Selected postings:

March 26 on reddit: Deadline extended, encouragement to other teams
March 28 on G+: Collaborators can tag photos/findings with #ViridCascadia
March 28 on Facebook: Invitation to share / collaborate
March 28 Tweet (posting only a few as examples)
March 29 on G+ and on Facebook: About Finding The Journal
March 30 on reddit: Sharing other teams’ proposals & ideas 
March 30 on G+ and on Facebook: April 15th journal entry
March 30 Tweet
March 31 on G+: Dire Woodpecker Investigation
March 31 on G+ and on Facebook: April 20th journal entry
March 31 Tweet
March 31: VC and other projects highlighted by Investigate Ingress
April 1 on G+: Invitation (new clue for April 20th)
April 1 on G+: Two revelations
April 2 on G+: ViridCascadia proposal selected as #CampOmniscient

Continuing Research:

Congratulations to the First Finders
April 25th Journal Entry
Found At The Lighthouses

Construction: Build Photos, First Video

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