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Community Benefits

Community Benefits

Why is this project important to the Ingress community?

From day one, Ingress has been a success because individuals from around the globe have come together with a common purpose of investigating exotic matter, collaborating on projects, and enjoying every moment. The agents that make up ViridCascadia live and work in three states and four ingress communities, stretching from the US/Canada border to San Francisco Bay. Our strength is in our regional connection, which has become legend as we build our relationships through operations, anomalies and, most recently, the global shard game. This project represents the creation of the next level. The next level of the story, the next level of teamwork, the next level of creativity. Through it, we would like to encourage the world to look outside of their local neighborhoods to the partnerships they can build on a regional and worldwide scale. The trickster’s nest is the birthplace of new technologies, friendships, and possibilities. As we see the portal unfold in the art, we see the potential of Ingress unfold in the anomaly.


“We don’t even know the boundaries of possible. I can’t explain it to you, but maybe we can explore this together.”

-Misty Hannah, Niantic Project Whydah


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