an Ingress Magnus Reawakens team



History of Success

Ingress players in the Pacific Northwest have a strong history of successful projects and events, with high participation rates from all agents. We do not foresee any difficulties in acquiring the resources needed for a successful outcome.

All plans for the nest are being designed to be both sturdy and mobile. The structural layers of the nest itself will be narrow and pre drilled; able to be packed flat, to reduce on site construction time and add strength to the structure. Material experimentation continues, to find the best combination of weight, strength and durability. Currently wood products appear to be the most versatile as they allow for easy attachment of the XM sensors and visual, aural and kinetic outputs. Glyph base will be a metal and wood structure to provide a solid, weighted base, so the entire portal can be free standing. The accepted design will have full material specifications finalized through Solidworks.

Potential Barriers

Every project has barriers to success, however we are preparing  as best we can for our most likely stumbling blocks. Because our agents are spread over a large geographic area, we have two build locations available. Our large piece construction site is located in Portland, Oregon and can accommodate the base metal work, large CNC cut wood pieces, as well as practice with full assembly, and packing of the portal for transit. Our secondary location is in Salem, Oregon and is the most central location for all agents involved. It is a smaller build space, but can easily accommodate the disassembled structure for the more tedious electronics work. Our offsite agents will be actively engaging with the uC programming, social media and other planning aspects of this endeavor. Materials sourcing on a short time line is a possible barrier to project completion, however we are fortunate to have four professionals with access to electronic labs, tools and components on our team. The ViridCascadia TechTroupe has been planning the portal build with the use of readily available and off-the -shelf components. Professional grade wood and metal work tools, as well as training in their proper use, are available through additional team member’s personal and workplace resources.

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