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Our Inspiration

ViridCascadia was inspired by the stories and natural wonders of our home.  The Cascade Mountains run through all three western states, connecting us in landscape and culture. Our members hail from Washington, Oregon, and California, and we sought symbology in common as we developed ideas for this project.

Widespread legends speak of the Creator, often embodied by the Raven. Tales of the Raven, old and new, are numerous and varied in our region of the country. Raven is by turns a trickster, the omniscient creator, a thief, and a guardian. His call echoes through the canyons on the flanks of Cascadia’s most majestic peaks, and his watchful eye surveys the deep, moss-draped forests of our coastal margins. He is a keeper of secrets, a hoarder of shiny and mysterious objects, and a spiritual shepherd of dreams.

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