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Found At The Lighthouses

Found At The Lighthouses

Agents worked together, reporting their findings; you can review what happened on this G+ discussion of the April 25 journal entry.

Here are the key events as they unfolded:

Agent Boris Rux has been aiding our investigations from far-away Europe. He had a hunch about the Umpqua River Lighthouse in Oregon. Agents arrived at the scene and noticed a flash in the nearby trees. They found a paper pinned to the trunk of a Douglas Fir, at just the right level for the light to sweep past it on its cycle.

Paper found at the lighthouse…

Our agents arrived at Eagle Harbor Lighthouse on a tip from agent Ishira Tsubasa. They were enjoying the vista when they noticed a fluttering in the grasses near the fence. The wind had pinned a paper there.

On another tip from Ishira, we sent agents on the lovely and long drive out to Cape Cod.  They were out to visit Nauset Beach Light. As they were poking around the buildings, they noticed a piece of paper folded up and wedged in a crack between the bricks near the foundation of the lightkeeper’s home.

Ishira did it again! She asked us to check out Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.  As we were walking up, a gorgeous, ghostly Newfoundland met us on the trail, deposited a paper onto the ground at our feet, and then vanished into thin air.

Our agents arrived at Watch Hill on another great tip.  At first, they weren’t sure what they’d find, the place is so open and windswept.  However, somebody reached down to tie their shoe, and they noticed a little corner of a paper poking out from under a rock at the base of the flagpole.

Following up on a lead from Ariel Diana, an agent was dispatched to the Holland Harbor South Pierhead Light (Big Red), near Holland, Michigan. Well done, agent! While searching the area, the investigator found a folded piece of paper partially submerged in sand, sticking up under a bush near the lighthouse. We are analyzing the paper now, and are making it available here.

The sixth piece of paper…

Thanks for your continued help in our search!

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