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First Finders

First Finders

Report on the research stemming from the April 20th journal entry:

Congratulations to Ariel Diana, who correctly identified the location as the Maiden of Deception Pass in Deception Pass State Park, Washington state.  She was also able to uncover some helpful information as a result. Kudos also to Alastair Gilfillan, who significantly advanced the investigation from halfway around the world in Western Australia.

Another status of the Samish maiden.

We continue to study the journal for helpful clues. For agents who are able to investigate the site in person, please post a selfie tagged with #ViridCascadia or #CampOmniscient and let us know what you find.  Agents that are helping the research effort from further away, post your stories and thoughts here, and we will share with you whatever we are able to learn.

If you are just tuning in, you can start with the April 20 journal entry. All of our research projects are listed on the Explore With Us page.


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