an Ingress Magnus Reawakens team



ViridCascadia is the name of an Enlightened-based, cross-faction friendly Magnus Reawakens proposal. ViridCascadia is a movement, an art installation, and an interactive Techthulu.

ViridCascadia’s Archetype focus is the Omniscient. We will represent the Omniscient via the Raven.

Download the full proposal here: ViridCascadiaProposal

ViridCascadia Will Bring The Following To Magnus Reawakens

  • Starting immediately, ViridCascadia will be a multi-platform Social Media campaign to promote and enjoy the upcoming Magnus Reawakens Event. Members of the team are already very active in Social Media, maximizing the effectiveness of the effort.
  • ViridCascadia will assemble on site an impressive, medium-scale, interactive art piece. This will be done in an eco-friendly, and mobile manner. The entire art work will be fully removed from the site after the event.

The interactive art will be able to interface with a smaller component, a Techthulu. This Techtulu will be able to be completely accessible by ViridCascadia agents within the art installment, and able interface with other surrounding Techthulus.


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