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In Present Time

In Present Time

Detail of a sculpture

When I woke in the morning, the people were gone, and I had a sense of time returning.  I wandered the area while the Raven slept.  As I worried that I might forget the beautiful story upon my real waking, I saw a sight that made my soul happy.  The tale has a much more enduring physical embodiment on this site of historic occupation, and is accompanied by signs speaking the legend for modern viewers.  As I read the second sign, I heard a sound from directly behind me.

When Raven found me,  I was sitting on a log near a short bluff overlooking the water, in the shade of 3 evergreens.  With my left hand, I picked absentmindedly at the rotting hole in the top of the log as I looked out and watched the oystercatchers in the tidepools.  I thought I felt the brush of an insect on my hand, and when I looked down, I noticed a rock under the back side of the log, and just the tiniest hint of a sparkle.  Intrigued by the possibilities of things hidden under rocks, I reached down to turn it, and found a very tiny package. I laid my eyes upon the secret inside, and then returned everything the way I found it, so that the next sojourner might know what I now know. #TrailoftheTrickster.


Agents, remember to post a selfie if you discover the location. Be sure to have a stealthy look around to aid the investigation, and remember to leave things as you find them. Farther-flung agents can post pictures from their research or stock intel screenshots.

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