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An Evening Of Storytelling

An Evening Of Storytelling

Journal page with a photo lying across it (all text is repeated below)


As often happens in dreams, I experienced a feeling of dêjá vu upon our arrival.  We passed the signposts marking the margin, and there was a feeling of time changing, of this place looking familiar but not.  People were gathered, and the smell of cooking shellfish was on the air.  Thus began a lovely evening immersed in the laughter, stories, songs, and soft conversation of a people whose family bonds went beyond blood. My favorite story was a tale of a maiden and her unlikely marriage to a prince of the sea, whose sacrifice for her people developed into an abiding love. My lids grew heavy from the long dream-day, and I passed into slumber. #TrailoftheTrickster,


Agents, if you are just tuning in, be sure to refer to the previous posts, as this is a continuation of the story. Who will be the first to locate the portal?

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