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April 20

April 20

April 20th

Diary pages with a photo lying on top of them.

I fell asleep exhausted, and I dreamed I was sitting on a log near a short bluff overlooking the water, in the shade of three evergreens.  With my left hand, I picked absentmindedly at the rotting hole in the top of the log as I looked out and watched the oystercatchers in the tidepools.  I thought I felt the brush of an insect on my hand, and when I looked down, I noticed a rock under the back side of the log, and just the tiniest hint of a sparkle.  Intrigued by the possibilities of things hidden under rocks, I reached down to turn it, but was interrupted by a chuckle emanating from the trees above.

“Not yet,” the Raven spoke. “I was just coming to see if you’d like to join me on a journey.”  With that, we were aloft in dream flight.  

Together, we soared over a dramatic northern land of unsurpassed beauty, shaped by long-dormant volcanoes and long-since-receded glaciers.

“I am very fond of this place,” the Raven said. “The earliest visitors came in exploration, and found that this land was not what it seemed at first. The area still bears the name borne of their consternation, and I often laugh at Mother Nature’s prank.”

In my dream, we spent hours soaring over the trees and breathtaking rockscape, until we finally lit for a rest. “We shall continue to our destination later,” the Raven sleepily murmured as he tucked his head beneath his wing to nap.


Agents, those on the #TrailoftheTrickster may already be familiar with the dreamscape. As you participate in the hunt, remember that often stories have a physical embodiment. Nearby agents who find themselves in the right place should post a selfie. Be sure to have a stealthy look around to aid the investigation, and remember to leave things as you find them. Farther-flung agents can post pictures from their research or stock intel screenshots.

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