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Agent Bios

Agent Bios


Agent BigMatty is a prominent Enlightened figure within the Ingress community. Known to other agents for not only obtaining the Obsidian Artifacts from Susanna Moyer and sending them to the Acolyte – BigMatty has become the #1 collector of in-game primary badges & is currently the only known agent in the world to have 100% of the badges. BigMatty is one of the founders of the very successful Cross-Faction global Investigative community Project Isthmus. Project Isthmus has successfully partnered with Niantic multiple times, including a partnership with NL-1331 while it was on tour during the Obsidian Anomaly.


Splashum is a dedicated organizer and agent, having survived yet another round of global shards. She discovered Ingress when it came preloaded on her phone in Spring 2014, and after some genuflection and a change of favorite colors, chose Enlightened. Splashum attended her first anomaly as a ground agent in Tacoma for Helios, and nine anomaly series later, is ready for the next challenge. She served as an ENL POC for the Portland Persepolis anomaly finale, is a community moderator for State of Jefferson ENL, and is always happy to help with fielding, as an operator or field agent. Splashum is honored to be the POC/facilitator for the ViridCascadia team, sharing her passion for art and creativity, and going camping with fellow Ingress agents in the redwoods!


An ingress veteran of nearly four years and several anomalies, this L16 agent gives a new meaning to the word “cromulent”. He loves to focus on the simple things in life ‒ elegant triangles, metagaming, beergress, and long hikes in the rain to remote places. (He also loves the complex things in life, like embedded computing.)


AeonTau has participated in in 7 anomalies and countless operations to make triangles of all sizes while exploring the curious powers of XM on the world around us. Though his home community is now the SF-ENL, he is one of the original Circle City Enlightened founders and spends time sharing the game with others, inviting them into the Enlightened community and teaching the nuances of XM research. When not planning or executing fields, he spends his days writing code as a full stack engineer for a FinTech startup in San Francisco, or running his production company based in Terre Haute, Indiana.

G+:, Twitter:


CaptainJac joined the Enlightened in November of 2013 as a beta tester. Six months prior her anxiety dominated her life and she was scared to leave her home. Upon joining Ingress she was able to regain control, developed new qualities and talents, and made some very amazing friends. Later she developed leadership and networking skills and became an active operator in the Pacific Northwest. She lead for global operations such as Unity and Extra Credit, operated connected cells for Darsana and Shonin, provided assistance with Abaddon, and was on ground teams for Persepolis and Obsidian. CaptainJac is a moderator of the PNW Enlightened G+ page and she also began the spark for First Saturday in Salem, OR. She ran the first Glow for First Saturday (#GlowFFS) and had an FS event featured in Niantic’s Ingress Report’s 100th episode. During the iOS release she also wrote a short blog help site, that reached multiple countries, for the large influx of agents to help them learn about Ingress quickly and efficiently found at and you can reach her on G+ at


For nearly three years, the search for XM has taken him far and wide. Along with his wife, he has helped arrange small group events up to a spring First Saturday event in Salem, Oregon that is the preview picture for the Ingress Report’s 100th episode. They now have friends hundreds of miles in most directions that frequently work together to achieve great works.



Agent dinabugg has been playing since the beta days and is a multi-anomaly veteran. She loves green triangles of all sizes, hiking to portals, and meeting her fellow Ingress agents. Always curious, she sometimes finds things that others have overlooked. Most days, she can be found herding cats as a local moderator, writing silly things, and dipping her toes in the operator tadpole pond. Oh, and Ingressing, of course.


FastCheapGood has played since 2013. Before Oliver Lynton-Wolfe developed power cubes, she managed a “recharge van” for #freeKlue. For #Persepolis her car’s glyphs referenced her day job helping inventors. G+:


Agent Featherhead serves as faction mom in her small community, and is well known for her willingness to drive pretty far to do a thing, stuffing willing agents in the Shenanivan as she goes. She loves to clear for triangles, but does operate occasionally.  In real life, she is a textile and mixed media artist, with skills in surface design, papermaking, bookbinding, and textiles of every description. She is unable to attend the event, should our project be selected, but is looking forward to lending her skill set where it will serve best ahead of time.


Oregon PNW mod, after flipping to Enlightened leveled up to L8 in 4.5 hours. Organized FS and other xfaction events, thrown, cleared, operated for multiple mega fields, Highly involved in shards, Ingress re-shared 2 of her G+ posts about shard adventures.



FREDICVSMAXIMVS is a veteran of 7 anomalies, several mega fields, a sprinkling of First Saturdays, and countless adventures and miles across the Pacific Northwest. He has been nicknamed “the Wrecking Ball” for his participation in [redacted] and [redacted]. In his past life, he built fake houses for fake people.


HealthyLady has been playing Ingress for almost two years. Her involvement in the community has been amazing and she has made many friends. She has taken part in shard events, First Saturdays, fielding ops (including planning and executing her own), running local competitions and participated in five anomalies. She loves getting new people involved with Ingress and teaching what she knows.


For this agent, Ingress is about working together to create moments of bliss whether that means fielding our neighborhood, setting up farms, or fielding the entire region. She’s attended anomalies in Seattle, Portland, and San Diego in person working on both ground teams and field teams. For those she could not attend in person, she was an active participant through recharge room, key delivery, and other supporting roles.  Mega fielding is her passion and she has link busted, key farmed, and helped operate over 30 mega fields in the last 3 year. Exploring new portals by bike, hike, and boat has helped her find the beauty of our region and keeps Ingress exciting! Reaching level 16 has not stopped her passion and she can be found on the streets of Oregon on a daily basis.


NomadicTortoise has been playing Ingress for about two years. He manages local faction and x-faction competitions within the Willamette Valley region of Oregon. He has participated in five anomalies on the ground including Goruck, multiple First Saturdays and more fielding ops than an agent can count. He really enjoys glyphing and is working on tripling onyx.


Upon downloading the free game that was recommended by a friend in January of 2015, PutTheKettleOn had no way of knowing that her life would be forever altered. At first Ingress gave her a much deeper understanding of the wonderful hidden treasures around her own neighborhood. As her curiosity to explore more areas grew, so did her triangles. As her triangles grew, so did her pool of new and interesting friends with a shared love of the game. This has led her to participate in the last 6 anomalies, work as an operator on 13 mega fields, and most recently be involved with the collection of shards from around the world. There is no going back to a life before Ingress. In her non-Ingress time she is a full time mother, silversmith, graphic designer, and a L31 pocket monster trainer.



NoPo Mod, Enlightened Ghost 32 years at ODOT as an engineer, currently researching historical road laws and legal stuff for lawyers back to 1838…or he play Ingress. Simple game 3 colors: Green, White or Blue. I have hand signals too. 6 Anomalies and Captain in NoLa, where he met the ENL leader: The Acolyte. Voted most loved & hated agent at an X-Faction event. Smoof Enemy #1 PDX


When not walking around Portland staring at her phone, RoseCityRiveter is probably getting paint on herself—and occasionally on some fabric. Her artistic output can frequently be seen at Thorns games. She didn’t start playing Ingress until the fall of 2016, but is trying to make up for lost time. An avid recharger and team player, who is game for any road trip ops she can tag along on, she also plays Pokémon and isn’t sorry about that.


Rnway is a returning ENL agent who played during the beta. He has 5 years of experience in the electronics industry, and many more years of experience hiking and camping around the Pacific Northwest.


Rugbymomrising is a civil/environmental engineer, fiber artist, glass artist and born again Ingress agent. Parental unit to 3 perfectly cromulent agents who have embiggened the world of Ingress in ways she is just beginning to comprehend.


SekaiKiri was sitting in a wheelchair when she first read about Ingress, as she recuperated from devastating injuries including 21 broken bones, a crushed pelvis, broken hip, and a fractured spine. Less than a year later she was laughing as she ran through the snowy moonlit forest at Frog Lake with her teammates, playing global shards. SekaiKiri is a registered nurse and a writer with a background in set design and stagecraft. She is usually smiling. Instagram: @theluckspot.



ZG is a lover of all games that get her outside and use the real world to do pretend quests. Originally a horseback riding, bushwhacking Geocacher, she was roped into Ingress by JazzJunkie after leaving college and being sent to an urban environment. After attending Persepolis (and loving it) she’s eagerly waited for the next big event and is stoked for Magnus Reawakens. ZG is a civil engineer and construction engineer by trade; she also cooks, sews, knits, paints model figures, trains animals, and remodels yards and houses in her spare time. The team will be calling on her for planning, semantics, building, cat herding, calculating and more.



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